About Us

About Yılmaz Plastik

It has been operating as a manufacturer in the shower cabin sector in Istanbul since 2000.
With its 22 years of industry experience, it manufactures and delivers shower cabin, magnet, wick, compression, bottom drinker, wheel, bearing, handle and many more specially designed complementary parts. Production is carried out by testing burr control, product durability and safety in TSE standards.

Vision Mission and Sustainability

Yılmaz Plastik in the Future

Since the first day of its operation, it wants to be a global service provider by taking firm steps towards the future with pioneering and innovative targets in its sector. It carries out innovation and R&D studies for better production and sustainability at world standards, and tries to provide the best service and quality in the future as it is today.

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Our facility

Where does Yılmaz Plastik prepare its quality?

Our facility

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